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Susan Malone-Hoyle - Counsellor

As someone who has worked within the charity sector for over twenty years, this has given me a wide range of experience and knowledge of different client groups.


The services I have managed are:


• Residential rehab for addiction

• Women's mental health services

• Mother and baby rehab and detoxification

• Homelessness / hostels and day programmes

• Women exiting sex work

• Elderly (dementia support)

• Supported living adults and young people with autism


As a woman in my 50’s with various life experience this allows me to empathise and have compassion for others who have had their own journey. Having come from a multi-cultural family with Irish roots this gives me a greater understanding of cultural diversity and a sense of belonging.

I am a spiritual person who has an interest in mindfulness, meditation and Yoga


Member of the Counselling Directory.


Member of CAPPP.




Testimonial from Gill Nowland (CEO)

Susan is one of the hardest working, dedicated and passionate women I have ever met. She cares deeply for the poor, vulnerable and marginalised in society. She is a skilled and experienced counsellor and manager. Susan has an in depth understanding of women and women’s issues. She pours love, care and skill into all she does and all she offers. 
Gill Nowland MBE 
One25 CEO from 2010 - 2016














Professional Standards Authority


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