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Susan Malone-Hoyle Counsellor

Counselling - what to expect


A warm welcome, a safe confidential space to explore any issues you choose. A contractual agreement between counsellor and client. A regular time slot and consistency with appointments.


I work from a person-centred perspective whilst drawing on aspects of humanistic theory.


Just when the Caterpillar thought her world was over, she became a butterfly.



Testimonial from M B (client)

I always felt safe and held in the counselling space. She listened with her eyes and this was felt. I felt she understood everything I had gone through and could identify with my situation. She did not say this, but I felt it. I went through a difficult time during counselling because what I talked about was painful and hard, but I always felt safe and never felt judged. Susan is kind, warm and open. She is the best counsellor I ever had. M B.










Professional Standards Authority

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