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Susan Malone-Hoyle Counsellor



Testimonial 1

Susan was a brilliant counsellor. She really spent the time getting to know me for who I am and worked with various techniques to help me work through the issues I was dealing with at the time. I can definately say although it was not an easy journey I came out the other side a healthier and happy human being and more aware of the inner work I needed to do.. 
(Male - December 2018) (anonymous)












Testimonial 1

Susan is one of the hardest working, dedicated and passionate women I have ever met. She cares deeply for the poor, vulnerable and marginalised in society. She is a skilled and experienced counsellor and manager. Susan has an in depth understanding of women and women’s issues. She pours love, care and skill into all she does and all she offers. 
Gill Nowland MBE 
One25 CEO from 2010 - 2016











Testimonial 19

From the very first session with Susan she made me feel so comfortable and at ease, above all else I felt Susan had genuine concern for me and wanted to create a genuine connection. Working with Susan has provided me with much needed clarity and guidance. It is not an exaggeration to say that Susan has provided me with fundamental tools that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Lauren - May 2018.











Testimonial 2

It was not easy when I first started counselling, but I soon felt at ease with Susan. She gave me the impression she really cared about my recovery and wanted to help. It was one thing she said that stuck in my mind and I will never forget it. I have now been sober for many years am working full time and have a life. Reg W.











Testimonial 3

Susan gave me the chance to explore what I needed. She offered a safe space to do this and I will always be grateful for that. Celia H.











Testimonial 4

Susan was there for me when I needed an ear, someone to listen to everything I had gone through and to not judge me. She stood by me and was there every step of the way. I did not want to rush and never felt rushed we went at my pace. My life is different now and I am so glad I had the opportunity to have counselling. Sharon B.











Testimonial 5

I felt as though I could talk to Susan about anything. She has such a gentle nature and I always felt supported. She is quietly spoken but a strong woman and you can feel that when you are around her. She has a presence a gentle calm presence with a quiet strength. We worked together for a few years and I always found her knowledgeable and kind. Claire B.











Testimonial 6

I always felt safe and held in the counselling space. She listened with her eyes and this was felt. I felt she understood everything I had gone through and could identify with my situation. She did not say this, but I felt it. I went through a difficult time during counselling because what I talked about was painful and hard, but I always felt safe and never felt judged. Susan is kind, warm and open. She is the best counsellor I ever had. M B.











Testimonial 7

Susan holds secure boundaries in a very safe and caring way. As her supervisee and employee, I felt valued and appreciated and that she always supported and challenged me to work at my best. She brings warmth and humour to her relationships whilst maintaining professionalism and a calm strong presence. Her passion for her work shines bright and she is dedicated and very hard working. I would confidently and without hesitation recommend her to someone who needed a therapist or a supervisor. 
Kim Browning (Counsellor).











Testimonial 8

As a trainee counsellor in my final year at UWE I was working for Susan as a placement. Susan to me, has always seemed very capable in her role. She works with a challenging client group, often challenging circumstances and there have been a lot of changes within the service. She is clear in her communication which I respond well to and have always found her supportive of me within my role and I feel the service is lucky to have her as the manager. K C.











Testimonial 9

I worked for Susan as a placement counsellor. Susan is a hardworking, committed individual and exciting manager. She has been at the helm in some turbulent times which include expansion of the service. Through my contact with Susan I have found her to be a clear communicator to both myself and the clients. She is approachable and if ever unavailable, always gives and alternative means of communication.
She has a vast experience which staff value and although she must get tired at times I always find her to respond with enthusiasm and care. Many clients see her as a mother figure and I feel this is due to her warm caring nature and good ethical boundaries. Colin B.











Testimonial 10

As a trainee counsellor in my final year at UWE I was working for Susan as a placement. Susan to me, has always seemed very capable in her role. She works with a challenging client group, often challenging circumstances and there have been a lot of changes within the service. She is clear in her communication which I respond well to and have always found her supportive of me within my role. N R.











Testimonial 11

 I have always been treated with great professionalism and respect by Susan over the few months I worked with her. She has given me every opportunity to prepare for my role as a trainee counsellor and I have been grateful for her support and extensive experience of the nature of issues I have been working with within the project. Susan is cheerful, unflappable, and it is obvious that she takes her responsibilities for ensuring he welfare and safety of the staff and residents very seriously. I can learn much from her approach as I hone my counselling skills, and my experience will no doubt do much to inform my future counselling practice. Laurence L.











Testimonial 12

I found Susan to be both a Democratic leader as in willing to listen and get input from staff and value opinions. Susan is highly trained as a professional who has lead through her experience. She is warm welcoming and has good morals and beliefs. I would say Susan is very resilient and flexible in any situation. She has wisdom and integrity. K G.











Testimonial 13

Susan supervised me for a couple of years when I was in training. She helped me in my learning and gave me support whenever I needed. I am a qualified counsellor myself now and valued her experience. Anon.











Testimonial 14

I have had great pleasure in knowing Susan since July 2013, when she accepted me into a supported housing project. (after 4 months in rehab).
During my 15 months stay Susan was very supportive, friendly and approachable. Susan helped me mature and build my confidence, self-esteem and guided me into leading a 'normal' life. Susan helped me get into further education and training, she taught me everyday tasks to help me continue to remain clean and sober still today (4.5 years). When I made the decision to move away from Bristol to start a new life Susan fully supported me and gave guidance. I am now a full-time recovery worker for Turning-point helping the still suffering addicts. Susan has been a big part of my recovery journey and I am forever grateful. 
Patrick Lynch - Ipswich











Testimonial 15

As an ex-client who came through one of Susan’s services I later returned as part of the volunteer programme. Susan encouraged me and supported me in my learning and training. She was a massive help with all her knowledge and experience within the addiction field and under her management I have learned a considerable amount. I have always felt supported and able to turn to her if I had any issues around with my work. I have found Susan to be caring, compassionate with very strong boundaries and good standards. Susan is always there for the staff team and prioritizes their wellbeing. Susan allows me to feel safe with my role and I feel the service is lucky to have her as the manager. K C.












Testimonial 16

I was hugely impressed from the moment I met Susan in terms of her passion for people and her ability to manage the service. She was clear in her vision and was driven to provide the best possible service for the residents; to create positive sustained relationships with referrers and to give the opportunity to those who really wanted long term recovery to benefit from the service and to be supported to turn their lives around.
Susan was always very good at ensuring that goals were met and that there were good effective policies and procedures in place to ensure safety of all involved in the service both paid, unpaid staff and residents. She has good boundaries in place and ensures that best practice is followed where possible. She excels in ensuring staff, volunteers and residents are well looked after and is very caring and compassionate.
Susan is passionate about the service and about allowing people to have every opportunity to break free from their old cycles of addiction. Her strengths lie in her vision, her passion, her management style, her hard work and her loyalty. Susan genuinely cares about the people she works with and wants them to flourish.  She has always gone above and beyond her call of duty. Katie Sobol.












Testimonial 17

I have worked with Susan in three different projects and my experience has always been a positive one. Susan puts her heart and soul into whatever she undertakes she encourages and empowers others to achieve their goals in life. I found Susan’s leadership to be motivational, passionate and determined. Susan regularly stayed to support staff due to the nature of the work at the project, making staff’s wellbeing and welfare her priority. She encouraged me and gave me the freedom to make my own mistakes. Rachel Sturrock.















Testimonial 18

I worked with Susan for approximately 18 months. I found her to be supportive, encouraging and allowed me to develop my side of the service, which was childcare and parenting, respecting my knowledge and ensuring that I had suitable training. I found Susan to be an excellent manager, dedicated and highly professional. Susan regarded the safety of the women and their babies to be paramount to the service provided. Susan always made herself available to staff whilst on duty and listened to concerns the staff had. She was always considered in her responses and never responded in a “knee jerk” fashion. She never shied away from difficult decisions regarding residents and there was a mutual respect between residents and staff. Susan is the best manager I have worked for in any of my previous roles within other organisations. Jan Bindon.















Testimonial 19

I have experienced Susan as a competent, supportive caring manager. She is efficient in all that she does and encourages staff to be the best they can be. She shows an interest in how people are and always gives space to discuss concerns. She is open to seek staff opinions and willing to admit if mistakes are made. She has clear professional boundaries with clients and encourages the same from her staff team. Susan is caring, respectful and encouraging to the clients. I have learnt a lot from her 4.5 years we have worked together and value her experience greatly. Anita M.












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